Muscat EBs Attacked Wadi Shab


24th October 2014 was the scheduled date to Wadi Shab. The group assembled at Wadi Adai Shell Filling Station at 7am and after welcoming the new joiners departed the place at 8am.


From the Wadi Adai R/A (roundabout), take the Amerat Road on the way to Sur. After Quriyat, signage for Wadi Shab will be seen, approximately 140 kms from Muscat.

Reaching the entrance to the wadi, there is a public toilet at the parking lot which is a relief after the one and a half road trip. Boats are waiting for passengers to board and cross the wadi. The boat  ride cost RO 1/- per passenger for two way, going and coming back. Lofphifortiolec domain information . The boat will drop the passengers at the other side of the wadi.


Off-boarding the boat, the journey started on a dusty ground, then to pebbled ground which I believe to be part of the wadi but dry in between the rocky mountains or canyons. At the entrance, there are date trees and  young banana trees, apparently the water supply comes from the wadi. We started our walk along with our personal stuff and the barbecue paraphernalia.


As we go inside, the trek becomes narrow and rough along the cliff side, then the pathway came to an end and needs to  climb over and walk in between boulders of rocks. Along the way is the view of the serene waters…..


We found a very good spot for our barbecue, a cave like hole on the rocks which is approximately 3 meters above the ground and one side have a direct access to the pool.




After barbecue lunch we started to proceed further inside the wadi, crossing again big boulders of rocks for approximately half hour…………


….until we reached another pool. This is the entrance going to the partially submerged cave where one can find the water fall, the highlight  of Wadi Shab.


The route is only through the wadi, no other way, there are parts of the wadi that needs to swim, hence some of us who can’t swim stayed in this pool and enjoyed the dip while waiting for the tough explorers.


After an hour, they came back with amazing stories of what they have seen and experienced inside the cave. Unfortunately, no pic was taken. We went back to our barbecue spot, tidy up the place and walked back to the wadi entrance.

All of us went back exhausted but the experience is one of a treasure in one’s lifetime.


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