Kid’s Day Out or Dad’s Day Out?

This trip has  no preparation at all, we just decided to go to Bimmah Sinkhole and Wadi Tiwi on a Friday.  The arrangement was to pack your own lunch and snacks and ….GO!

Four  pax from the  gang cancelled last minute, final goers were Jun and family, Farooq and kids, hexebella and Lau.

Agreed meeting point was Wadi Adai Shell Station before 8AM, scheduled departure was 8AM.

We set on the trip using the Quriyat – Sur  Road, we were on 2 cars, hexebella with Jun and family, Farooq with his kids and Lau.

We found the exit on the  highway  that says “Wadi Tiwi” and as we went out under the  bridge of the highway, we were welcomed by this pristine blue waters………….


Everyone’s impulse was to jump out of the car and do photo shooting, Farooq suggested to do it on the way back as we still do not know what is ahead of us, no one from us has been to Wadi Tiwi yet.

We continued the drive and entered the road in between rocky mountains, the road is  2 lanes and paved. Date trees are lined at the foot of the rock mountain, it felt like entering another world…..



Along the way, we passed by a bunch of locals  who are trying to rescue a Pajero from the wadi….I think….they tried to test the Pajero in the wadi and didn’t realize that it is deep.


The road became narrow and single lane as we entered a small village. The drive was steep with blind curves, I was following Farooq’s car, and another car was ahead of him and there was another car behind me. Somehow it was a relief to be in the middle, it was my first time to drive on this kind of tough and challenging road.

A few meters more, we crossed the wadi to enter again a narrow, sharp curved and steep road. The SUV ahead of us stopped as it was about to turn on the curve, we decided to stop on the road side and find out what is ahead.

Jun and Farooq went by foot to check on the road before driving through it, they found it to be steep and single lane. One SUV ahead of us came back and warned us with his hand not to proceed, hence we decided to pull back.


But before going back, we paused a while to feel the beauty of nature around us, crystal clear fresh water, date trees, wild grasses, green trees…all are evidence of life coming from underneath.



We found a place to picnic where we passed the time with the gift of nature, awesome weather, cool, clean, fresh wind brushed our cheeks and hair and stirred up our senses….just blissful moments…..

Lau in his own world…..


Hexebella and Farooq were snooping at something…………


The kids discovered fun ways to enjoy and got themselves preoccupied for a couple of hours, throwing stones into the water!


And Rio was very busy stealing these pictures that she is nowhere to be found!

And before I forget, just right during our  set-up for the picnic, we all jumped and screamed in terror, a snake touched Rio’s foot and went under the mat! The Dad’s were in panic for the kids and I grabbed my  back pack, zipped it up with the fear that it might go inside and I might take it home back to Muscat! The snake crawled away from us, it is around 1 cm in diameter and maybe 2 feet long and grayish green color.

When the  tension subsided, we settled ourselves on the picnic mat and feasted on our take away snacks and lunch under the shade of camachile tree. We were lucky indeed to get this spot ahead of the others as the other groups settled themselves even in the open areas. However the weather was cool and the sun was a bit sleepy that day….


We had noodles, fried rice, steamed rice and chicken with shitake mushrooms in oyster sauce….DSC_0373

After lunch, the famous “chai” as the Indians call it, basically a sweetened black tea with milk, manifested through Jun’s special gadgets….camping burner and small pot.

DSC_0336 (1)

The tea went perfect with Rio’s home made pastillas, unfortunately no image was taken.  Pastillas is a type of candy made from milk which is soft and chewy, originally Filipino sweet.

Before 2PM we packed up and drove back out of Wadi Tiwi, hang around a bit by the beach and inhaled the sea breeze. Again, the kids were very busy with everything and with anything…..


We continued the trip to Bimmah Sinkhole….the place is called Hawiyat Najm Park.  The park is surrounded by barren dry land and few young trees. There are some hut-like shades with benches but  very few.


The sinkhole is surrounded by stone wall with one entrance going down through a stairway…..stairway down to the sinkhole!



Before leaving, we sat on the picnic mat again in the park and had another round of “chai” (Indian tea) with the pastillas. At 4PM we decided to pack-up .


The day was full of fun and indeed relaxing, no strenuous activity done, kids, dads, mom and singles had their own share of bliss!

Oman is a beautiful country, gifted with nature, peaceful and quiet. To some it may appear boring and laid back, but one has to look through the beauty of what this country has and definitely, you will enjoy and you will be thankful “living in Oman”.


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