Cruising: Wadi Dayqah to Jebel Sifa via Wadi Mayh

Right after a week from our trip to Wadi Tiwi and Bimmah Sinkhole, my soul was craving to be on the loose again to drive out of the city and commune with nature. Without any preparation, the vagabonding team set out to cruise the country side.

Our first destination was Wadi Dayqah, this was my 4th visit, first was in 2005, then in 2006 and 2010 and now, 2014. All the previous visits, I was leisurely sitting on the passenger seat, this time I am the one behind the steering wheel!

We took the exit from Quriyat-Sur highway and followed the road signs leading to Wadi Dayqah / Mazara Dam. Yes, a dam was constructed in Wadi Dayqah which I first saw in my 2010 visit, it was not there in 2005 and 2006 visit. After leaving the highway and entering the road to Wadi Dayqah, just can’t resist not to stop and take pictures of the view ahead of us. The majestic mountain standing proud against the blue sky with small rocks, stones and crushed rocks blended with the soil have different colors of yellow, gold, rust brown, reddish brown,gray….indeed a wonder of nature!



As we continued our drive, there was a part of the mountain which rocks has a solid reddish brown color, it reminded of  the  Ayers Rocks in Australia, though this one is only a small part but then I just simply find it…..I’m running out of adjectives to use….all I can say is just….amazing!


 We finally reached our destination, another surprising stuff to see, we entered a gated complex, well paved road with post lighting and well trimmed plants bordering the way. We drove up the mountain and on top is a park with green lawn and gazebo around.



  The park was strategically built like a terrace, on one side is the view of Mazara Dam and on the other side is the view of Wadi Dayqah. The pristine water surrounded by the mountains gives one the serenity a hungering soul is  searching for.



Moving to the other side of the park, they built a view deck at the end of the walkway where one can view both the Mazara Dam and the Wadi Dayqah from both ends. Wadi Dayqah has now a towering concrete wall that holds the water for Mazara Dam and also covering the mountain view from the wadi. Looking down from the top, the view is still scenic with the rock mountain and the village from a distance with lush greenery and date plantation.




We left Quriyat and went back the highway to the direction of Muscat, that’s the only way I know how to go to Wadi Mayh and we found the exit easily near  Amerat. We entered Wadi Mayh without knowing what to be seen and where it would lead us. As per the review I’ve read from the web, we can proceed to Bandar Khiran from Wadi Mayh. The road was rough and rugged as we entered the canyon and there was also portion of concrete road. The place seems to be very isolated with towering rock mountain on both sides. Only at the entrance we saw some small pools of water and that’s it, no more water on that stretch but a totally dry river bed. However, what impressed us are the rock formations in different designs, very impressive. I’ve read from an article in one of the leading newspapers in Oman, Wadi Mayh is a geological site and the rocks  here were detected to be 250 million years old!!!





These pics above were not the best ones, they were taken while the car was moving and there are more artistically formed rocks but we were not able to take snaps as everybody was hungry and eager to find a place where we could feed our tummies. I will come back to this place again with  this as the main destination and photo shoot these rocks on a much better angles.

We reached the end of the rough road and headed to Yiti Beach where we found a spot under a tree to stuff our bellies. Relaxing blue waters and blue sky, cool, fresh sea breeze, just bliss! I wished I had more time just to sit there and feel my surroundings.


 After lunch we continued the journey to Jebel Seifa, stopped by at a view point at Bandar Khairan for some snaps…………..


Along the the way are donkeys on the loose, finally we reached Jebel Seifa, had a few minutes break gazing at the pristine blue waters

N7K_6350 N7K_6352 N7K_6354

Before the sun sets, we drove back to Muscat as the road is a series of bends, some blind curves and ups and downs and the fact there is no street lighting.

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