Two Year Ban for Expats Worsened

Since last night the news for the 2 year ban for expats leaving their current job has been going around in all social media channels alarming the expat community in Oman.


In July 2014, this rule was implemented that whenever an expat is moving to another company, an NOC (No Objection Certificate) has to be obtained from the current employer stating that the current employer has no objection for the concerned employee to shift to another company. This has created a very big disappointment to the expatriate community as no one can change jobs anymore without the permission of the present company. Most employers deny to give the NOC and some abusive employers are asking money, in another word, selling the NOC to the employee wishing to shift job.

For the last 18 months, the expatriate community has been hoping that this 2 year ban rule would be loosened that would allow the expats to move freely in the job market but instead, to the surprise of everyone, ROP (Royal Oman Police) has implemented a new rule that an NOC will no longer be valid and anyone who leaves their jobs would not be able to come back to Oman and join a new company.

Today, the below was on the headline of Times of Oman that new recruits having NOC has been denied of working visa from the ROP.



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