Visiting Grand Mosque

Attempted to visit Grand Mosque at Sultan Qaboos Highway in Ghubra 2 nights back along with my guests from Poland but no success. They came in the morning that was after 11am but were told to come back in the evening from 5pm to 8pm hence we did.

As we entered I was really impressed with elegance of the architecture with the lighting made it standout against the night sky.

20160214_190448_001Passing the above arches, we walked on a promenade-like ground, the dome is shining bright beautifully in the night.

20160214_190538Just starting to enjoy this beautiful surroundings, someone called my attention from behind, an Omani lady greeted me and asked if I am a Muslim,  I said no, she asked if my friends are Muslims, I said no, I asked her if there is any problem, she said non-Muslims are not allowed to enter in the evening. Non-Muslim visitors can come only in the morning from 8am till 11am and parking is near the garden.

It was somehow disappointing for my guests  as they were told in the morning to come back in the evening just to find d out that it is not the visiting hours for the non-Muslims.

Please note this timings if in case you would like to visit this beautiful Mosque.



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