Mountain Retreat

It is steaming hot indeed in Muscat this Eid Al Fitr Holidays 2016, declared public holidays in Oman was from 5th to 7th of July. My day trips are affected due to the high temperatures during the summer season, the only refuge are the mountains where cool climate can be enjoyed.

Since my my favorite is Jabal Akhdar, whenever I think of a mountain refuge, it’s always Jabal Akhdar that would come to my mind.

Gathered all my camping stuff and set for the trip to JA right after lunch on  Tuesday afternoon. For the first time, the checkpoint did not record our details, just checked on the driving license and the car registration card. On the way to the camp site, big drops of showers started to hit the car’s windshield and gray clouds were right opposite the direction of  the camp site. As we reach the camp site, the showers become more and started to pour. It was a mix of disappointment and excitement to have this weather, cool and raining after coming from a steam bath temperature in Muscat. Disappointment is starting to take  its place as the camping might not be realized. We stopped the car in the midst of the vast hilly ground overlooking the valley, feeling and watching the rain.


We decided to continue  driving hoping for a miracle that there will be a spot which would be suitable to camp. Though I’ve been here on several occasions, this drive was the most exciting one.  We crossed the valley which is normally full packed during weekends but today it was totally empty. We met some 4WDs going around the area, could be the same predicament with us searching for some dry ground or just merely driving around.


We passed through some mini wadis, small pools of rushing waters, muddy track……


Looking above, one side are gray clouds which seems to be gathering forces to hit the planet anytime and one side are white clouds and blue sky struggling to come out, hoping and praying that the dark clouds be taken away by the wind to some far away place……


Raindrops started to be lesser and lesser until it turned out to be just drizzle.


Found a tree which has enough branches and greens that could be a perfect refuge in case the weather gets worse. We decided to camp on this site, unpacked, made a hot soup which was perfect for this cool and a bit chilly weather.


The sky started to get clear, the sun appeared and it was a lovely scene gazing at the sun descending from the horizon.


As it gets dark, the mountain breeze swept us which was soothing to the senses remembering the steaming heat we left behind in Muscat. After dinner, sat outside in sweaters and covered ourselves with fleece blanket, now you can imagine the temperature!!! The stars and planets above us were so magnificent creation which are a part of the mystery of this amazing universe. Moments spent for this mountain retreat were so wonderful to be cherished and right at this very moment, nostalgia is attacking. I feel like I’m wanting to go up again tomorrow 🙂

Please note:

  • Only 4WD vechicles are allowed to go up Jabal Akhdar.
  • Please ensure that you have your Oman Resident Cards with you if you plan to travel, Driving License if you are driving and the car’s registration.
  • Please check the weather forecast and temperature on the date of travel and ensure that you have with you warm clothing as temperature can drop in the night and wind can worsen it.
  • In the absence of 4WD, you can drive with your sedan car until Birkat Al Mouz and get 4WD vehicle rented there.

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