A Day in Wakan Village

Day Trip to Wakan Village

On April 12 2016 I wrote……………

This little paradise hidden in the mountains, a part of Jabal Al Akhdar is worth the visit. I have been wanting to visit this place for the past year and brought by serendipity found myself in Wakan last Summer 2015. Due to the high temperature it was not possible to explore the village. I was told that February is the best month of the year to visit this charming village.
Waited for February and finally it came, we set off for the trip, the most awaited Wakan Village trip!
The entrance to the village was filled with cars when we arrived. I remember last summer, car park was empty.
We walked trough the cobbled stone stairs which was said to be 300 steps. As we passed few houses, we found ourselves in a small Valley vegetable plantation, some farmers are harvesting their crops, as to what it is, I have no clue.

I was amazed by the beauty of that little paradise, a small Valley of greenery and terraced gardens perched on the mountain with date palm trees, flowers blooming from a dead looking tree branches, really awesome!

We continued climbing up the stairs and as we go up, different scenic spots are discovered and worth each pose. Visitors of different nationalities are coming and going, locals are also around and local tourists as well.

Below is the falaj which is the water system in the interiors of Oman, the water flows through the vegetable fields for irrigation.

Wakan Village is best visited during February as the flowers bloom this time, however, cool months from December to March would be good as well for escaping Muscat crowd and breathing in the nature’s atmosphere.
How to get here:
Drive from Muscat to Barka and at the round about turn left towards Nakhal. Continue the road passing by Nakhal. Once the Wadi Mistal signage is seen, follow the direction and turn left entering Wadi Mistal. Drive straight until the end where the road will lead you to a climb, this the start of the rough road going to Wakan Village.


Today is 28th January 2017, I am publishing this post now as February is knocking and this post has been pending for 10 months, I need to visit Wakan Village again!

By the way, please take note of the following guidelines in visiting Wakan Village:


  1. I am inlove with this tiny but breathe taking village!At first,when we parked the car at the stop,i was thinking like there’s nothing in this place but only few old houses…but hence!once we go through those old houses piewww!whatta beautiful hidden garden!(it reminded me of the secret garden…lol) incredibly beautiful!but,well if you wanna see most of it you should be physically fit to climb the steps!as the best view is at the view deck on top…snacks and water is a must too…and of course selfie stick and camera!wish to visit this place again….it worth it!

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