Azaibah Beach Bonding

It was a Friday Fun gathering with my Friday Funmates, agreed location was Azaibah beach near the Aviation Club as selected by Ziyad.

We agreed to be there by 5pm for the sunset but as usual, no one is punctual in Oman, Omani time, anytime! After all the buying stuff of food and drinks and picking up Funmates who do not drive, we managed to reach the venue around 545pm, there was no more sunset, but I was able to capture the dusk casting a dramatic shades of colors on the horizon…….

On the other side, it was the moon slowly emerging to be seen and casting it’s silver lighting, the sea served like a mirror reflecting the moon shine, beautiful work of nature!

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring the proper gadget to capture the moonrising moments, so I have to make the best from my tablet.

The Funmates Chilling

The Highlight of the Moments
An advance birthday wishes for Ziyad who’s celebrating his birthday on 12th February… is the documented moments……done by amateurs of course!

Wishing you Ziyad more and more places to explore, more and more FUN to laugh and cherish, more health, more success, more and more blessings to pour!

Happy happy birthday!

From all of us…..Friday Funmates!


  1. Same Vibes, Same Tribe brought together by the universe to embrace nature under the moonlight..enjoyed the moment, laughs, happiness and unconditional love of each one of us.. thank you all and hope to bump each other again and have la la

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