Fishy Friday Morning

No day out trip, no camping trip, what to do, where to go? Get some fresh fish and vegetables at Muttrah Fish Market!

I think it was 6 months back the last time I came to Muttrah Fish Market, just for fun, I’m buying fish and maybe some vegetables. I know parking is a big challenge but I knew I’m getting one.

Myra was with me that morning and we went through the vegetable section first and as expected, the greens are real greens, very fresh! It’s so tempting to buy but then I know that I still have veggies from my last week shopping that needs to be cooked asap.

We continued our tour and reached the fish section, it was full of crowd however I enjoyed what I was witnessing. The products of the ocean were laid in abundance to the public like a showcase. Everyone was busy bargaining, both vendors and buyers seems to be in another planet. 

We enquired for the price of these shrimps, the vendor wants OMR 3 per kg, I was not convinced as this size issue ld at the supermarket at OMR 2.9 hence I opted for the prawns which were procedure to OMR 5.5 per kg. There was only one very or selling shrimps and prawns that day that at were not able to get good deal.

I was happy with the fishes i got for OMR 1 per kg, size is similar to sardines and I got one big fish which I don’t know the name for OMR 1.

The experience was fun, I enjoyed the moments of the buying and surroundings for less than hour.

How to get there

Drive towards Muttrah, if you are coming from  Qurum and Rubio side, once you reach the Fish Roundabout, turn left and to your right is the Muttrah Fish Market.

Alternatively, sharing taxis are available in Ruwi from OC (pronounced as Okie) Center.

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  1. Great time with Chef Hexe.The day of feeling abundant how life has so much to offer.seeing people in different walks of love with the treasure of the sea and nature giving life.the most unforgettable is the tomato experience knowing who we really are dealing with obnoxious human being..

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