Grilled Fish Evening

A terrific food trip with no plan….just lazy to cook at home and when Mother Serendipity strikes, the Funmates landed at Turkish House in Al Khuwair.

I’ve been to this restaurant on several occasions and happy with the food but it is something that I don’t crave for. 

We ordered Roca Salad or what they call in Arabic “Jarjir”, Turkish Mezze Platter, 2 big grilled fish and the Turkish bread is by default. 

The food was great, Jarjir was fresh and in huge portion….

I always enjoy the Turkish mezze with hummus, moutabel. …

The grilled Sherry fish……

And of course, the star of the meal, the Turkish bread…..

And don’t forget to try their Kunafa, forgot to take a snap as it was grabbed right away!

The food was superb and the evening was perfected with gorgeous company, my Friday Funmates…..

Good food + Fun people around = what else can  you ask for?

Below is the screen shot of the location from Google maps…..

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