Wakan Village Revisited

17th February was marked in my calendar to visit Wakan Village again after a year experiencing this piece of paradise. The memories of 2016 visit was very fresh in my mind’s eye with all the greenery and flowers blooming all over the place. This time more friends came with us, we were total of 8 adults and 2 kids.

Similar to last year, at the entrance to the village, there were kids selling BBQ, corn, honey and other foodstuff. Last year they were selling the harvested crops which was more appropriate to the scene. And take note, they  refused to join in the photograph which in other places, kids were so excited to be in the photos.

Without giving much attention we continued the walk through the pathway and started the steps to go up. To my surprise, the greenery last year was not there. There were crops waiting to be harvested but most of the fields we passed by has crops  newly planted. From afar the trees which used to have flowers were dried and brown. But the sight of the clouds covering the mountain peak looks marvelous!

Though the sight was not as wonderful as last year as I was expecting for the flowers blooming and in addition the temperature was also a bit warm that dried  my throat as I took each step of what was said 700 steps,  I should enjoy this moment, this is my Friday Fun! I have to look the other way.

As the agreement with the Self is done that this day is a Fun Day,  Mother Nature gave me a taste of the cool wind which brushed my cheeks whenever I take a pause under the shade of a tree, yes, the mountain breeze, I don’t have it on a normal day, one of the many things to appreciate and be happy about.

As I go up, I saw the same mountains I looked at one year back, but they don’t look the same, the clouds formation was different, the position  of the sun was different, indeed different but beautiful as ever.

Gazing on the dead looking trees, branches looking so dry that it could be the best candidate for a bonfire, but looking closely, young leaves and flower buds are pushing it’s way out to be on the surface of this planet, yes a sign of life!

Maybe, maybe, maybe…..I should have come after 2 weeks, in the last week of February or early March. Maybe this time the flowers are just starting to come out, maybe I came a bit early.

With or without the flowers around, Wakan still has its own beauty and uniqueness. The peace and quiet around, the beauty of nature, the rock mountains, the crop plantation,  the falaj, many things to appreciate if one will look for it.

And of course, Friday Fun wouldn’t be fun without the Funmates……..

How to get there:

Coming from Muscat drive towards Barka then take the road to Rustaq via Nakhal, continue on the main road until the signage of Wadi Mistul directing to turn left, enter that road and continue to drive until the end of the road. Turn right and start the climb to Wakan Village. Better to take a 4WD but we saw salon cars managed to go up as well.


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  1. Very wonderful narration of the events Mia. Everything detail you have mentioned in this. I enjoyed reading your post. Hope for many more

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